Havtech and IEC strongly recommends that Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts be used during replacement and maintenance situations. IEC’s fan coils are carefully engineered with specific component combinations to optimize each unit’s performance characteristics.

Using non-IEC replacement motors means performance and efficiencies cannot be guaranteed to match cataloged data. Some motors may create sound and/or reliability issues if the designs are inconsistent with OEM qualified parts.

Benefits for buying and installing OEM parts:

  • OEM parts provide an exact drop-in replacement, saving you time.
  • OEM parts feature exact electrical connections and lead lengths, with exact mounting characteristics, making your job easier.
  • OEM parts preserve the certifications for the parts in the original equipment, making your customers happy.
  • OEM parts help preserve the original manufacturer’s warranty and the original efficiency of the system, saving money in the long run.
  • OEM parts preserve engineered sound requirements (for applicable components such as motors), and meet rigorous factory run life design specifications, helping you earn your customer’s respect.

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