McQuay and Daikin AC introduce the DIII-Net Communications Gateway that allows combining the high performance of McQuay’s dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) rooftop units with the absolute comfort of the Daikin variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system. The factory-installed communications gateway allows any packaged McQuay MicroTech® III 100% outside air unit to be seamlessly integrated into a Daikin VRV system through the Daikin Intelligent Touch Controller. This gateway provides an easy to wire, simple to configure system that is easy to access and provides more sophisticated control than a hardwired interlock.

Through the Intelligent Touch Controller, you will be able to manage your McQuay equipment conveniently and remotely in the following ways:

  • Schedule occupancy
  • View alarms
  • View, schedule, and adjust discharge air setpoint
  • Schedule and adjust fan speeds (High-Medium-Low) when the rooftop unit is selected with VFD or ECM fan


To learn how you can seamlessly integrate into a Diakin VRV system, contact your Havtech representative today >