HVAC System Type
1/2 to 6 ton water source heat pumps, single-stage, 2-stage and inverter. All units are geothermal ready out of the box.

Building Application
Ideal for schools, clinics, office buildings, multi-unit living facilities and other projects, both new construction and retrofit, where high efficiency is a key specification.

Two-stage compressor models, Daikin inverter compressor models, ECM fan motors on all units, dual compressor isolation, many options and accessories.

New technologies deliver unmatched energy efficiencies and cost savings, providing payback to owners in as little as two years! Very quiet operation and excellent indoor air quality.


SmartSource™ water source heat pumps combine industry-leading efficiencies with low-noise operation, high indoor air quality and consistent air temperatures. So now you can do your part to conserve energy and enjoy a quiet and comfortable indoor environment. Two-stage units typically operate at low compressor and fan speeds a majority of the time. Inverter units provide infinite variability in speed — running at the exact speed needed for the load.

The result is even quieter operation, very low energy consumption and very uniform room air temperatures. All units are geothermal ready from the factory. High EERs make these units perfect for LEED projects and rebate opportunities. They are easily matched to your application requirements with many options and accessories.


High Efficiencies Where You Need Them The Most: At Part Load
In most environments, heating and cooling systems operate at part load most of the time (see chart to right). And that’s where SmartSource units with 2-stage compressors and inverter compressors really shine. Here’s how:

  • Quieter. Units operate at lower fan speeds and compressor settings under part load. That significantly reduces noise.
  • More comfortable. At lower fan speeds, more heat and humidity is removed as air passes through the unit. That means the air entering the room is more comfortable.
  • More consistent comfort. At part load, 2-stage compressors run more often and inverter units run continuously, delivering a more consistent room air temperature.
  • More energy savings. At lower speeds, units use less energy, so you save on utility costs.
  • Lower operating costs. When motors and compressors cycle on and off less, they last longer. And that means fewer repairs and longer part life.


Great Features, Lots of Factory-Mounted Options & Accessories

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