Our Mission

At Havtech, our mission is simply to be the best.  The best from the perspectives of our customers, manufacturers, communities and our employees.

  • We are committed to making every interaction with a customer a great experience.
  • We are committed to representing our manufacturers with a team of people whose talents and efforts are unmatched in our markets.
  • We are committed to promoting solutions and services that benefit the broader community through sustainable design practices.
  • We are committed to creating a work environment where people can unleash their talents, flourish and have fun at work.


Our Vision

The leader in engineered building systems and services throughout the greater Baltimore / Washington area, Havtech brings expertise and innovation together to deliver energy efficient and sustainable solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs.


Our Values

  • Creativity/Innovation – We strive to find the best solutions for our customers and the most efficient and effective methods of delivering those solutions.
  • Customer Focus – Customer needs always take precedence at Havtech.
  • Integrity/Ethics – Every interaction with a customer, manufacturer or coworker is one that we can be proud to attach our name.
  • Teamwork – Work in a team environment with one goal –exceptional service for our current and prospective customers.
  • Work Environment/Safety – We insist that every Havtech Associate ensures their own safety, the safety of others and creates a workplace that is respectful of everyone.
  • Execution–Havtech is dedicated to providing customers with an exceptional experience by providing innovative solutions designed to meet their needs in a way that is accurate, timely and reliable.