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By leveraging impactful and focused metrics updated daily, businesses can gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of their HVAC system’s needs. This valuable information allows facilities departments to use building automation systems to align their actions with the organization’s sustainability goals, ensuring efforts and financial resources are directed towards areas of greatest impact.

See how Havtech partnered with Attune to design an HVAC system with IoT Connected service to provide superior indoor air quality at the Engenium Group offices.


Solving issues before they occur

Building analytics software utilizes advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) to conduct an examination that goes beyond identifying problems and instead determines their underlying causes.

By assigning a priority score to all service issues, the software enables us to evaluate, analyze, and discuss them with you as needed.

If necessary, we can address the issues remotely or send a technician to the site who is aware of the problem and how to resolve it before they arrive.

building automation system running an FDD scan to automatically find faults in the building's systems

building scorecard provided by BAS which shows the building's energy usage, maintenance costs, and comfort score.

Critical Data Tracking

By monitoring data from the building automation system, the analytics engine offers a comprehensive evaluation of the system’s performance.

Our team of experts review the analytics results to identify actionable insights, which we prioritize based on factors such as comfort, health, cost, and efficiency.

We discuss these insights with you to help develop the best solution for your needs.

Cost Impact Analysis

Upon detecting a fault, the software initiates a financial impact calculation for your building, providing you with an exact cost assessment of the problem.

Following the repair of the issue, the software computes the avoided cost, revealing the precise amount of money saved.

Connected Service building automation system displaying operation cost data

Changes for the benefit of people

Impact-Driven Service, prioritizes the end result, which is the positive impact on building occupants. By investing in building systems, we can maximize comfort and safety.

With our service, you’ll ensure efficient building operation and avoid unnecessary expenses, but the true value lies in creating a comfortable and healthy environment for the people inside.

Solving issues before they occur is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment within your building. Building analytics software utilizes advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics to not only identify issues but determine their root causes. By continuously monitoring data and conducting critical data tracking, we can provide you with actionable insights that prioritize cost savings, comfort, and health.

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