Johnson Air Rotation

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Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems is the leading manufacturer of industrial heating and cooling systems and warehouse HVAC. Founded in 1921, Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems sets the bar by creating a new technology now known in the industry as Air-Rotation. Johnson Air-Rotation Systems have been proudly manufactured in the USA and is the ONLY UL® listed Air-Rotation/Air Turnover system in the industry.

Learn why not all HVAC Systems are created equal and why Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems is the easy choice for large, industrial, or product sensitive applications. Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems are the most efficient and cost effective way to heat and cool large open spaces

  • Baltimore, Maryland


  • Delaware


  • Northern Virginia


  • Washington, D.C.


  • Central Virginia


  • Roanoke, Virginia


  • Tidewater, Virginia


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