April 22, 2021

Havtech Announces a New Partnership with Blender Products

About Blender Products

Blender Products, Inc. was founded in 1962 with a unique focus on air and gas mixing through the application of static mixing technology. The company’s patented products and services have been applied on tens of thousands of processes worldwide.

Channel Blender

The Channel Blender is engineered to increase the coldest temperature in the plenum to eliminate freeze stat trips, protect coils, and provide a more uniform flow pattern to other sections of the AHU. The Channel Blender contains both OA and RA control dampers that are integrated into a frame that channels OA and RA into adjacent paths that are mixed immediately downstream of the control dampers. This clever solution provides effective mixing without the additional footprint required from traditional mixing solutions.

Channel Blender Features & Benefits:
  • - Reduce AHU footprint
  • - Eliminate freeze-state trips and frozen coils
  • - Improve indoor air quality
  • - Enhance airflow uniformity to other AHU sections
  • - 6”-wide low-leakage dampers
  • - Options for multiple air inlet configurations (e.g., top/back, side-entry)
  • - Provides complete mixing of OA and RA for proper coil operation (e.g., humidity control)

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