MicroTech 4 and Daikin Rebel Applied

IN-PERSON TRAINING - BRIDGEVILLE | 368 Commercial Street, Suite 100, Bridgeville

This course will cover the fundamentals of MicroTech 4 and Daikin Rebel Applied; providing an introduction into the Daikin Applied MicroTech 4 controllers, and best practices for proper installation and service of Daikin Rebel Applied High Efficiency rooftop units.

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How CFD Analysis Meets Design Challenges in Mission Critical Applications

ISS Event - hosted by Price Industries

✅ PDH Eligible
CFD analysis provides a complete thermal understanding of project designs for a fraction of the construction cost while providing design assurances.
Using lab-validated CFD software, project design improvements are identified while capturing physical layout, thermal dissipation, density, capacity and environmental conditions.

The applications benefiting from CFD included:
• Repeating Spaces (Patient Rooms, Hotel/Door Rooms)
• High Risk Environments (Hospitals and Labs and Clean Spaces)
• Challenging Applications (Architecturally complex spaces, Spaces with large heat gains/losses)
• Mission Critical Facilities (Data Centers, Battery Energy Storage and Interior Data Halls)

In this presentation, we will focus on Mission Critical Facilities / Data Centers, using CFD results from project examples to highlight various design challenges.

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